How do we relate to information consumed through screens? I created a product from digital tools to start reflection and discussion about visual credibility. Hoaxray is my Bachelor’s Degree project at Beckmans College of Design 2014.


No Season

Communication-concept for the second year fashion students at Beckmans College of Design and their show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Stockholm 2013. Being the only ones not to show within the confines of a seasonal cycle, we tried to find a way for the fashion students to differentiate themselves. With playfulness in mind, we chose to visually interpret their creations and emphasizing the different ideas and sources of inspiration. This resulted in a catalogue, website, invitation and visuals for the show. A collaboration with Olle Alm, Linda Hallstan, Viktor Nyström and Kristoffer Larberg.


Vision For All

Rebrand the non profit organization Vision For All. An organisation which needs strong communication and are depending on people giving money. The new concept focuses on where the money goes. Vision for all is also vision for countries, places and persons. Collaboration with Hanna Hein.


Back To Back

Fashion film for Moa Sjöstedt and Jonna Ru. Their collections are interpreted creations of Ann-Sofie Back. A questioning of social codes, frustration of everyday structures and a surreal portrayal of our world – these were all values that we wanted to use and doing that bringing Back's core values back to life.


Jonna Ru, Backstage photo Sonny Vandevelde from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014.

Coop Coffee

Packaging concept for ecological coffee from Coop. The concept from field to store sprung from the fact that a big amount of coffee is transported across the world and that the transportation itself has the biggest impact on the environment. With the new packaging concept we wanted to communicate that the coffee has taken the shortest way possible from field to store.


Beckmans Fashion Collaboration

Concept and design for Beckmans Fashion Collaboration at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm 2014. The fashion students who wanted to bring a new view on the fashion label they had their collaboration with. We wanted to bring our new view on fashion communication. The developing DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality was brought up – and we used 3D scanning technique instead of traditional fashion photography. It was low budget and it was fast which the project also was.


Entry to Future Lions 2013. "Connect an audience of your choosing to a product or service from a global brand in a way that wasn’t possible five years ago”. We wanted to challenge travelers to think green during their vacation.

Tribunal 12

Chosen as Official trailer for Tribunal 12. Tribunal 12 advocates a change within the European system that currently treats people who flee to Europe disrespectfully and exposes them to systematic violations. A collaboration with Viktor Nyström & Patricia Miodek. Photographer Joachim Törnqvist.

Grand Antiques

The communication concept for Grand Antiques was our answer to the question: How do you communicate antiques to a young audience? Simple, direct and playful. With a system which would work as a sign language on the street and